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Willy Verginer
Born on 23 February 1957 in Bressanone works and lives in Ortisei  

This is a fresh and great italian artist who express himself trough these amazing wood sculptures. Actually he is exposing in “In Hoc Signo”, curator di Luigi Meneghelli, Gallery Arte Boccanera, Trento. Catalogue with text from the curator: Infiorescenze, Gallery Conarte, Savona 

Visit his website: 


Photog Makes Whimsical Art With Carpet, Construction Paper and Cat

California photographer Theresa Knudson had an epiphany when her cat Fluffy was sleeping on a blue carpet during a hot day.

“I cut out some construction paper balloons, fish, clouds, etc. and laid them down around him,” Knudson tells The Fluffington Post. “I stood on my sofa and shot from above.”

The rest is Internet history, as the photos have popped up on blogs all over the web. Knudson credits the technique to Jan von Holleben, whom she claims is the master.

Photos by Theresa Knudson, used with permission.



We stumbled onto another artist covering rooms in graffiti - this one belongs to Decktwo a French graphic designer, illustrator and graffiti artist with a penchant for hiding club bathrooms under floor-to-ceiling tags (marker pen is the choice weapon).

After some serious late night clubbing… I’d probaby pee on myself trying to find the toilet.